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Canada Temporary Fence

Canada Temporary Fence


Canada Temporary fence with square frame and vertical or horizontal square pipe is a kind of welded portable fence.Connected by the flat feet, top clips and other accessories, it becomes a whole fence system for temporary fencing. Because of the various colors, high strength and durability, it has a long service life and it's safe for residences fencing and factories fencing.

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Canada portable fence is made up of square frame and vertical or horizontal square pipe. Connected by a top coupler, metal feet and other accessories, it becomes a whole fence system for temporary fencing. Because of the various colors, high strength and durability, it has a long service life and it's safe for residential fencing and factory fencing. 

Canada temporary fence is often used to separate people at temporary events, road construction, construction sites, etc, therefore sometimes referred to as Temporary Construction FencingShitai is a well-known fence supplier from China and we have more than 20 years of experience in production. We can provide high-quality products and perfect after-sales service.

Canada Temporary Fence Features

◎ Smooth and elegant appearance. The surface is well-treated to eliminate all burrs for safe installation and removal.

◎ Full welding and hand welding technology. This technology provides a strong structure to extend its service life and prevent breakage.

◎ Lightweight and moveable with a detachable base. Its lightweight and detachable base makes it easy to handle and transport.

◎ Solid and stable base support. Platy fence feet are provided to make the temporary fence stand firmly on the ground.

◎ Easy installation and removal. All assembly and disassembly works can be done by one single person without digging holes, which saves both time and labor.

◎ Great cost effective. It can be installed and removed many times and for multiple uses.

◎ A wide range of colors. All colors are available to meet your specific needs.

As an Effective & versatile fencing, it is suitable for:

◎ Construction site security.

◎ Building and maintenance work.

◎ Public and scenic areas.

◎ Major public events, sports, concerts, festivals, gatherings.

◎ Emergency warning system.

◎ Any site needing security or privacy.

Canada Temporary Fence

Canada Temporary Fence Canada Temporary Fence Canada Temporary Fence Canada Temporary Fence

Canada Temporary Fence Specifications

The Temporary Fence Canada meets all industry standards. We are trained in all compliance requirements and can adapt to any critical adjustments. 

Product Name
Green, Black, Gray, white, etc.
hot dipped galvanized steel, powder coated
Wire thickness
Frame sizes:
25x25mm, 30 × 30mm, optional
Fence sizes
6′ (H)× 8′ (L) equal to 1.8 m × 2.4 m, 6′ (H)× 9.5′ (L) equal to 1.8 m × 2.9 m

Canada temporary fence consists of four parts: the fence panel, the flat feet, top clips.

The fence panel

Canada Temporary Fence

A kind of welded portable fence with square frame and vertical or horizontal square pipe 

Fence panelOverall size:1.8×3m
Middle rail:20×20×1.0mm
Wire Gauge:3.5-4.0mm
MaterialHigh quality galvanized wires,galvanized pipes,Galfan,etc
Surface FinishGalvanized +powder coated
Colorwe could manufacture according to your needs.
Canada Temporary Fence

Galvanized plate with solid bars, vertical solid metal bar is one round and the other is square for better connection.

Size60*12cm, 75*10cm,86*9cm
Connector Pins Length10-15cm
Surface FinishGalvanized, Powder coated
Canada Temporary Fence

Galvanized top clips with horizontal metal tube and vertical metal tube.one is round and the other is square for better connection.

Surface FinishGalvanized,Powder coated
Fence panelOverall size:6'×10'
Wire Gauge:3.5-4.0mm
Materiallow-carbon steel/tube
Surface Finishgalvanized coated, powder coated
ColorRAL color card
All specifications are customizable

As an experienced professional OEM & ODM Canada Temporary Fence Manufacturer, we always adhere to the most accurate welding and dimensional calibration, whether from the tubular frame, welded mesh, fencing base or top connector.

Need a custom solution?

Can't find what you were looking for?

We can customize the product for you, determine the wire diameter, aperture, length and width, color, welcome to contact

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Canada Temporary Fence Installation

1. Lay out your fence bases approximately 10 feet apart with all of the round pegs facing the direction in which you will build your fence.

Canada Temporary Fence

2. With a partner, begin assembling the fence panels onto the flat feet. Lift one end of the panel and insert the square solid bars into the post of the panel first, then drag the panel back to the previous flat feet and place it on the round solid bars.

Canada Temporary Fence

3. Round tube line up with round tube and square with square. Insert the clips into the top of the panel, and slide the clips in completely.

Canada Temporary Fence

Still have questions, contact us for a free guide.

Canada Temporary Fence Applications
Canada temporary fence is designed to provide temporary boundaries for various applications and is widely used in infrastructure, civil, industrial, commercial & demolition sites, construction sites, accident spots and a wide range of major public events for storage, public safety, crowd control or theft deterrence.
  • Workshop
  • Crowd Control
    Crowd Control
  • Utilities Infrastructure
    Utilities Infrastructure
  • Temporary Wall
    Temporary Wall
  • Temporary Space
    Temporary Space
  • Residential Complexes
    Residential Complexes


Canada Temporary Fence Quality Control
Accordance with the specification, to do inspection for the products.In order to maintain quality assurance, we strictly comply with a operational procedure.
  • Opening Size Test
    Opening Size Test
  • Opening Size Test
    Opening Size Test
  • Wire Diameter Test
    Wire Diameter Test
  • Tube Size Test
    Tube Size Test
  • Tube Size Test
    Tube Size Test
  • Tube Spacing Test
    Tube Spacing Test
  • Top Clips Test
    Top Clips Test
  • Top Clips Test
    Top Clips Test
  • Flat Feet Test
    Flat Feet Test
  • Flat Feet Test
    Flat Feet Test


Outstanding Benefits of Welded Temporary Fencing

◎ One-man installation. With light-weight welded construction infill panel and fencing base are designed to installed in a plug-in type. It can be easily removed and mobile installed when necessary. This can be done by one person, at most two men.

◎ Quick access anywhere on site. No need to dig holes or laying foundations, removable and stable platy fencing feet can adapt cement or asphalt areas. The flexible isolation angle can rapid re-configuration of the construction area.

◎ Minimizes injuries by putting a higher security fence on sites. Quickly establish a fence for warning and cordoned off the hazardous area, or preventing unauthorized entry.

◎ Limits risks of theft and vandalism on job sites. It is anti-climb to prevent the thieves from entering and protect property from damage.

◎ Transparent worksite fence. Different from temporary hoarding, welded infill panels is visible without any sight blocks.

◎ Complete fencing system. Expect for fence panels, platy stable fencing feet, p shaped top coupler, foot screw (as needed) and shade clothes, other you wanted hardware can be supplied.

  • Quality Control Sales Country and Specific Certificate Standards
    Our Products Have Passed Many Certificates, High quality the way we succeed - Zero Defect Products. Our company always adhered to technology innovation, scientific management, and integrity cooperation. We introduced four advanced automated production lines for our producsts. We have strict QC system from raw material procurement, production management and product testing to control and ensure high quality, with quality we win the trust of customers.


Canada Temporary Fence Packing and Shipping
Two types of loading methods for your choice: In bulk or in steel pallets.

Method 1: In Bulk loading for Canada Temporary Fence

Without pallets, the panels will be loaded piece by piece into the container. It increases the capacity of the container and reduces the cost of fencing. However, unloading requires manual handling and is suitable for developing countries.

Method 2: Steel pallets for Canada Temporary Fence

Panels, feet and clips will be placed on steel pallets and wrapped in plastic wrap and cardboard panels to prevent any scratches on the surface of the fence. The edges of the entire pallet are protected with iron corner guards and finally secured with nylon tape. The rigorous and careful packaging ensures that the mesh will not be damaged during transport and handling.

Fence panel: plastic film+ metal/wooden pallet.

Any special requirement for package, please feel free to contact us.

Land transportation, sea transportation, air transportation, express delivery. 

We will recommend the most favorable transportation method for you based on customer needs and the size of the goods.

Why Choose Shitai?

◎ 360° full welding by hand for the highest strength. We own welding technicians who all have more than ten years of experience. The infill mesh and square pipe frame are welded smoothly and sturdily at 360° to prevent cracks and corrosion.

◎ Various colors are available. We can provide a variety of colors with PVC-coated surface treatment. Such as red, yellow, blue, gray, black, green, etc.

◎ One-stop supply system. Expect fence panels, platy stable fencing feet, a p-shaped top coupler, foot screw (as needed) and shade clothes, other you wanted hardware can be supplied.

◎ Reliable and professional advice. As a company integrating production and sales, we’d like to give our customers friendly and reliable advice for picking the most suitable one for your desired application.

◎ Customized size for your needs. We have a standard-size temporary fencing inventory. Besides, we accept customized orders of special panel length and height along with the pipe thickness and diameter.

Contact us today.

  • Canada Temporary Fence
    Canada Temporary Fence
  • Canada Temporary Fence
    Canada Temporary Fence
  • Canada Temporary Fence
    Canada Temporary Fence


  • How to install the products?
    When you first purchase a product but don't know how to use the installation, we will provide text or video installation instructions. Don't worry, we not only provide you with the required products, but also provide after-sales service. Anyway, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!
  • Can we get sample before the formal order?
    Yes, For regular products, we can provide free small size samples, and clients only need to pay for shipping. For non-standard products, sample opening fees need to be paid. The sample fee will be deducted from the official order.
  • How can factory assist me in starting a business?
    We can help you with inquiry, product details,provide samples, transportation,and other aspects. We have spent six months helping Australian client start his new fence business. If you are interested in a certain product but cannot purchase it due to budget or other reasons, do not give up asking for a quote again and do not forget our factory. Within two years, we received multiple inquiries from the same client about the same product, and the following year, he finally had enough money to order a 40 foot container quantity fence. You have a need, and we have always been there.
  • How to get the best product with a limited budget?
    You only need to tell us where the product you need is to be used and what is the total length. We will provide a quotation based on your requirements. If your budget is limited, we have many products for the same purpose, and there is always one product that meets your requirements in terms of price and quality. About transportation Shipping terms: shipping by sea. Payment terms: 30% of the total almost is to be paid by T/T as deposit and the balance is to be paid by T/T before the goods leave the factory. Loading Port: Tianjin Xingang Port, China. Samples we can supply samples for free if small quality. clients need to pay for the shipping charge.
  • What are the effects of what materials are used for surface treatment?
    Powder: we always use the famous international powder (AkzoNobel) sprayed, the powder coated fence will be very smooth, with great corrosion resistance, outdoor use year can reach 15-20 years. Galvanized: All hot-dipped galvanized, the fence will 15-20 years not rust.
  • Can You Supply customization service according to our requirements?
    Yes. Our customization service is including several items: special sizes and accessories, painted logos, customized colors and signboards. Just tell us your requirements, we will try our best to satisfy you.
  • What's the lifespan of your Security Fence?
    It depends. We have several different materials and surface treatment for our steel security fencing, they all have different lifespan. You can tell us your using environments and requirements, we will recommend the best products for your projects.
  • Can your product be used near sea or coastal area?
    Yes, we have heavy galvanized or galfan galvanized wire material to make sure the products no rust in these conditions. We can also add powder coating surface treatment to achieve the best anti-rusting results. We have pass lab salt spray test and many projects experience.
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