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Road Noise Barrier

Road Noise Barrier


A Road Noise Barrier (also called a Road Sound Barrier) is an exterior structure designed to protect inhabitants of sensitive land use areas from noise pollution. Designed with precision and durability in mind, Shitai Road Sound Barrier effectively mitigates the transmission of noise from busy roadways, highways, and expressways. Its innovative construction absorbs and reflects sound waves, minimizing the impact of traffic noise on nearby communities.

Easy to install and maintain, our Road Sound Barrier is the ideal choice for residential neighborhoods, commercial districts, and public spaces seeking relief from road noise disturbances. Don't let road noise disrupt your peace and tranquility any longer. Invest in our Road Sound Barrier today and experience the difference it makes in creating a quieter, more enjoyable environment for all.

Product Description:

With excellent Performance Properties of Sound Transmission Class (STC) 29 and Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) 0.95, SHITAI guarantees to help all our clients comply with NEA's Boundary Noise Limits and it goes further than just Boundary Noise Reduction.

Conform to NRC: 0.95 Standard

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) refers to the amount of sound energy absorbed upon the contacting surface.

NRC 0.95 reflects the approximate decibel absorption of noise/sound that our Permanent Noise Control Barrier is able to perform. – i.e. 95% of noise absorbed.

Conform to STC: 29 Standards

Sound Transmission Class (STC) refers to the amount of airborne ‘sound’ being blocked/attenuated.

STC 29 reflects the approximate decibel reduction in noise/sound that our Permanent Noise Control Barrier can provide. – i.e. 29dbA reduction potential.

Noise barrier, Sound barrier
 Stainless steel sheet, mild carbon steel sheet, aluminum steel sheet.
Noise barrier height
Noise panel sizes
500x2000mm, 500x2500mm,
Noise barrier thickness
80mm, 100mm, 120mm
Noise Barrier metal plate thickness
Noise Barrier H-post
100x100mm, 125x125mm, 150x150mm,
Noise Reduction Coefficient
GBJ47-83 NRC 0.84 above
GB/T13350-2008 ≥29db

Noise Barrier

Looking for the perfect solution to control noise pollution without breaking the bank? Look no further than our top-of-the-line road noise barrier.

Designed to effectively reduce noise levels and create a peaceful environment, our road noise barrier offers unbeatable value without compromising on quality. Whether you're dealing with traffic noise, construction sounds, or industrial disturbances, our sound barriers provide an affordable and efficient solution.

Constructed from durable materials, our road noise barriers are built to last, ensuring long-term performance and reliability. Easy to install and maintain, they offer hassle-free operation, saving you time and effort.

Don't let excessive noise disrupt your peace and productivity. Get Sound Barrier Price today and enjoy the tranquility you deserve at a price that fits your budget.

Sound Barrier Sheet Type

Galvanized Sheet Color Sheet Transparent Acrylic Sheet Louver hole Micropore

Main Materials and Specifications of Road Noise Barrier

ItemsProduct description
Metal MaterialGalvanized sheet, aluminum alloy sheet, color plate
Transparent materialglass, PC board, acrylic board, etc
Other materialsHigh strength cement, cement wood chips, glass steel, etc
hole patternLouver holes: common hole spacing 20*137, 20*182
Micro pores: common 3 holes 3 distances,5 holes 2 distances,2 holes 4 distances
aperture ratioNot less than 25%
Common size500*2000*80(100)mm, 500*2000*120mm, 1000*2000*80(100)mm etc
Surface concave groovecan be customized according to drawings or customer requirements
Surface treatmentElectrostatic powder coating, fluorocarbon spraying
colorGreen 6029, blue 5017, gray 7042, white 9010, etc., color can be selected according to the national standard color card

Custom Road Noise Barrier and Get the Sound Barrier Price!

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Instruction manual

The road noise barrier is easy to install. The main installation accessories are H post and bolts and nuts.

When you install the road sound barrier, you should fix the H post on the concrete ground and then fix the noise barrier panels in the space between the posts. And then fix the top of the H post. Refer to the technical support about detailed installation of noise barrier.

Road Noise Barrier Types
According to the combination form, there are mainly: fully transparent sound barrier, semi transparent sound barrier and powder coated sheet and transparent material composite sound barrier:
  • Fully galvanized sheet/spray,powder coated sheet, aluminum sheet sound barrier
    Fully galvanized sheet/spray,powder coated sheet, aluminum sheet sound barrier
  • Fully transparent sound barrier
    Fully transparent sound barrier
  • Powder coated sheet and transparent material composite sound barrier
    Powder coated sheet and transparent material composite sound barrier
  • Vertical sound barrier
    Vertical sound barrier
  • Curved sound barrier
    Curved sound barrier
  • Fully enclosed sound barrier
    Fully enclosed sound barrier


Quality Control
Our road sound barriers have passed many certificates, high quality is the way we succeed - Zero Defect Products. Our company always adhered to technology innovation, scientific management, and integrity cooperation. We introduced four advanced automated production lines for our producsts. We have strict QC system from raw material procurement, production management and product testing to control and ensure high quality, with quality we win the trust of customers.
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • The Third Party Test
    The Third Party Test
  • The Third Party Test
    The Third Party Test


Package and Loading
Road Noise Barrier Applications:

◎ Highways and Expressways: Along major highways and expressways, where traffic volumes are high and vehicles travel at high speeds, road noise can be particularly disruptive to nearby communities. Road Noise Barrier are employed to reduce the transmission of noise, providing relief to residents and improving overall quality of life.

◎ Urban Residential Areas: In densely populated urban areas, road noise from busy streets and intersections can infiltrate residential spaces, causing discomfort and disturbance to residents. Road Noise Barrier help create a quieter and more peaceful environment, making urban living more enjoyable.

◎ Commercial Districts: Commercial districts with heavy traffic flow often experience significant road noise, which can impact businesses and outdoor dining areas. Road Noise Barrier offer a solution to mitigate noise levels, enhancing the comfort of patrons and improving the ambiance of commercial establishments.

◎ Public Transportation Routes: Along public transportation routes such as bus lanes and tram lines, road noise can affect both passengers and nearby residents. Road Noise Barrier are utilized to minimize noise pollution, contributing to a more pleasant commuting experience and reducing the disturbance to surrounding communities.

◎ Recreational Areas: Parks, playgrounds, and outdoor recreational areas located near busy roads can benefit from Road Noise Barrier to create a more serene and enjoyable environment for visitors. By reducing road noise, these barriers help enhance the recreational experience and promote well-being.

Overall, the Road Noise Barrier plays a vital role in numerous settings where controlling road noise pollution is essential for enhancing quality of life, promoting environmental sustainability, and fostering community well-being. Request a quote about road sound barrier now.

  • How to install the products?
    When you first purchase a product but don't know how to use the installation, we will provide text or video installation instructions. Don't worry, we not only provide you with the required products, but also provide after-sales service. Anyway, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!
  • Can we get sample before the formal order?
    Yes, For regular products, we can provide free small size samples, and clients only need to pay for shipping. For non-standard products, sample opening fees need to be paid. The sample fee will be deducted from the official order.
  • How can factory assist me in starting a business?
    We can help you with inquiry, product details,provide samples, transportation,and other aspects. We have spent six months helping Australian client start his new fence business. If you are interested in a certain product but cannot purchase it due to budget or other reasons, do not give up asking for a quote again and do not forget our factory. Within two years, we received multiple inquiries from the same client about the same product, and the following year, he finally had enough money to order a 40 foot container quantity fence. You have a need, and we have always been there.
  • How to get the best product with a limited budget?
    You only need to tell us where the product you need is to be used and what is the total length. We will provide a quotation based on your requirements. If your budget is limited, we have many products for the same purpose, and there is always one product that meets your requirements in terms of price and quality. About transportation Shipping terms: shipping by sea. Payment terms: 30% of the total almost is to be paid by T/T as deposit and the balance is to be paid by T/T before the goods leave the factory. Loading Port: Tianjin Xingang Port, China. Samples we can supply samples for free if small quality. clients need to pay for the shipping charge.
  • What are the effects of what materials are used for surface treatment?
    Powder: we always use the famous international powder (AkzoNobel) sprayed, the powder coated fence will be very smooth, with great corrosion resistance, outdoor use year can reach 15-20 years. Galvanized: All hot-dipped galvanized, the fence will 15-20 years not rust.
  • Can You Supply customization service according to our requirements?
    Yes. Our customization service is including several items: special sizes and accessories, painted logos, customized colors and signboards. Just tell us your requirements, we will try our best to satisfy you.
  • What's the lifespan of your Security Fence?
    It depends. We have several different materials and surface treatment for our steel security fencing, they all have different lifespan. You can tell us your using environments and requirements, we will recommend the best products for your projects.
  • Can your product be used near sea or coastal area?
    Yes, we have heavy galvanized or galfan galvanized wire material to make sure the products no rust in these conditions. We can also add powder coating surface treatment to achieve the best anti-rusting results. We have pass lab salt spray test and many projects experience.
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