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Welded Gabion Box Project

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Product: Welded gabion box

Location: Singapore

Material: hot dip galvanized wire

Quantity: 3000 meters

Project Time: 2019.10.12


Here is the gabion project we supplied for Singapore government in 2019, height 4meters and length 3000 meters. Gabion box sizes 1*1*1 meters with spiral wire and stiffeners to make the gabion structure solid and stable.


The gabion appearance blend in with the environment, the gabion project is successfully installed and serviced 4 years now. The Singapore government very satisfied and gives high comment about this gabion project.


If you have similar gabion retaining wall projects, free to contact us, we will happy to give suggestion on design, installation and high quality gabion products.

Gabion Project we Supplied for Singapore Government in 2019

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