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Passive Slope Protection Net

Passive Slope Protection Net


The SNS passive slope protection net is also known as a stone blocking mesh. It is installed bottom of the mountain or slope to reduce and block the rockfalls and stones. When the stones, rocks, snows are falling down the mountain or slopes, the passive rockfall barrier system can reduce the impact of the rockfalls and protect the people and properties' safety. It consists of a variety of components, including an SNS slope protection mesh, steel wire mesh, decompression rings, supporting rope, sewing rope, PC bar and steel column.

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Although it is also made of wire rope nets made of steel wire rope, unlike the SNS active slope protection system, the SNS passive slope protection system is a protective net wall typically installed under a slope or mountain (or mid-mountain) so that when stone slides, the passive slope protection system acts as a protective wall to prevent impact caused by falling stone and prevent any loss caused by the falling stones.


It is also possible to use both SNS active and passive slope protection systems in combination with slope and mountain engineering conditions to achieve the best possible protection.

1. Main types of passive rockfall barrier systems are including steel wire rope net and steel ring net.

· Steel wire rope net. steel wire rope net can not only used for active rockfall barrier system, but also the passive rockfall barrier system. It is mainly composed of steel wire rope net, decompression rings, supporting rope, sewing rope and steel column. It has high tensile strength and can block the rockfalls within 750 kJ.

Steel wire rope net are varied,can be steel wire rope net,chain link fence net,Tecco net and gabion net etc.

Passive Slope Protection Net

Steel wire rope net

Passive Slope Protection Net

Chain link fence net

Passive Slope Protection Net

Tecco net

Passive Slope Protection Net

Gabion net

Steel wire ring. Steel ring net is made of high quality hot dipped galvanized wire into circles. Different circle quantity have different block capacity. The steel ring net can block the rockfalls within 2000 kJ. Steel ring net system is commonly made of steel ring net, supporting rope, anchor rope, sewing rope and metal column.

Passive Slope Protection Net


Wire Diameter2mm-4mm 
High Tensile Strength 1370-1770Mpa
Mesh Size80mm x 140mm/50x50mm/60x60
Mesh ShapeDiamond,hexagonal
MaterialHigh tensile steel wire
Surface TreatmentHot dip galvanized
Breaking Load Of Single Wire12.5KN
Tensile Strength110KN/m
Roll Width2.3m-3.5m
Roll length10m-30m

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Use Purpose

Passive slope protection nets play a crucial role in mountain protection. Firstly, it can effectively intercept falling rocks, soil, etc., reducing the threat to personnel and property in the event of geological disasters such as collapses and landslides. When the mountain loosens or slides, the protective net can intercept the rolling objects on the slope surface through its high-strength steel wire rope and anchor rod, avoiding them from rolling to the bottom of the slope and causing greater harm.

Secondly, passive slope protection nets have good flexibility and ductility, which can adapt to the deformation and displacement of mountains, and to some extent reduce the risk of protection net failure caused by mountain deformation. At the same time, the installation of protective nets will not cause significant damage to the ecological environment of the mountain, which is conducive to protecting the ecological balance of the mountain.

Passive Slope Protection Net


Passive Slope Protection Net

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