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Vibrating Screen Mesh

Vibrating screens are wire screens that are created to fit inside a screening machine for separation. The vibrating screen mesh has high tensile strength, wear resistance, long service life, and high-quality ductility and toughness. According to different materials, it can be used in both industry and food industry. According to different uses can divided into 65MN SCREEN MESH, PU SCREEN MESH, ANTI-CLOGGING SCREEN MESH etc.

Vibrating Screen Mesh is woven from pre-crimped manganese steel or stainless steel wire that offers good strength and stable structure. Also, to suit the requirements of the customer it is custom made in different materials, sizes and ranges. This type of mesh finds huge applicability in cement, power plants, paper & pulp, iron ore & steel and mining industry for doing various tasks such as shifting, grading, separating, scalping, sizing and screening. It possess excellent ability to work under extreme adverse conditions and shows high resistance to corrosion, chemicals and abrasion.

Advantages of Vibrating Screen Mesh

● Size accuracy

● Capacity per square foot has been increased.

● Low operating expenses per ton of material handled

● Weight and installation space are saved.

● Enhance material and processing quality

Application of Vibrating Screen Mesh

● Chemical Industry

● Coal Industry

● Metallurgy Industry

● Mineral Industry

● Building Material

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Specification List Of Vibrating Screen Wire Mesh

Range Of Production0.5mm to 150mm
Wire Size0.3mm to 16mm
MaterialSpring Steel, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, Brass, e.t.c.
Edge PreparationK-1,K-2,K-3,K-4,K-5,K-6,K-7 S, U e.t.c.
Crimp TypeDouble crimp, intermediate, dovex, lock crimp, e.t.c.,
Wooven Wire MeshThis is also known as wirecloth, seive, Screen, filter cloth, wire netting e.t.c. We produce wide range of wire meshes as international standards and customer specifications
Range of Production:1mesh to 600mesh per lineal inch.
Wire Size0.0254mm to 16mm
MaterialStainless Steel, Spring Steel, G.I., M.S, Brass, Copper, PB, Nichrome, Nylon, Synthetic yarn, glassfibre, polyester e.t.c.
Weave TypePlain Weave, Twill Weave, Plain Dutch Weave, Twilled Dutch Weave,
Reverse Dutch Weave, Rectangular, Herringbone Twill, Panel, Cable, Double & Triple Warp, and Multiplex e.t.c.

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