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Anti-Clog Vibrating Screen Mesh

Anti-Clog Vibrating Screen Mesh

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Anti-Clog Vibrating Screen Mesh

Anti-clogging screen mesh, also known as self cleaning screen mesh. It is a metal woven mesh with unique self-cleaning characteristics. It is composed of independent mesh wire that are horizontally combined, with weft wire woven in the middle. Therefore, this type of flexible connection allows for free vibration of the wire, which, along with the flexibility of the screen, prevents fine particles from adhering to the screen, thereby solving potential blockage and blindness problems. Regardless of the type of vibrating screen, appropriate tension must be applied when installing the anti clogging screen.

Bends type

Anti-Clog Vibrating Screen Mesh

Polyurethane Bands are generally made with 80-90degree shore hardness PU, withstand most of screening applications, offering great wear resistance and increasing the screens' wear life. This can be used in all types of self cleaning screens.

Anti-Clog Vibrating Screen Mesh

Iron Wire Bands are used in applications where temperature exceed 70 ℃. Highly recommended for asphalt plants.

Anti-clog screen type

The metal anti clogging screen mesh can be classified into four types according to the opening shape:

Type H (rectangular/square hole anti-clog screen mesh); Type S (diamond hole anti-clog screen mesh); Type D (triangular hole anti-clog screen mesh); Type W (corrugated hole anti-clog screen mesh).

Anti-Clog Vibrating Screen Mesh

Type H: rectangular opening anti-clog screen mesh

 Anti-Clog Vibrating Screen Mesh

Type S: diamond opening anti-clog screen

 Anti-Clog Vibrating Screen Mesh

Type D: triangle opening anti-clog screen mesh

Anti-Clog Vibrating Screen Mesh

Type W: corrugated anti-clog screen mesh

(1) Type H (rectangular mesh sieve): generally speaking, if the stone particles are relatively regular, dry, and do not have too many flaky materials, a rectangular mesh sieve can be used;

(2) Type S (diamond opening anti clogging screen mesh): if the stone grading requirements are high and there are many flaky materials, priority should be given to selecting diamond shaped anti blocking screen, such as stone screening in asphalt pavement on highways;

(3) Type D (triangular opening anti clogging screen mesh): this one is similar to diamond anti clogging screen, but its precision is increased by adding a straight wire in between each of the crimped wires, which limits the movement of the crimped wire, making it more precise preventing wedging of elongated particles but lowering its screening area. Very effective under heavy loads and higher impact materials; 

(4) Type W (corrugated anti clogging screen mesh): for screening with intermediate transitional properties, such as adding another screening between coarse and fine screens, it is recommended to use wave shaped anti blocking screen. Its advantages are high screening efficiency and screening of materials with high dust content, such as tailings.

Anti Clog Screen Features

Features and Advantages

♦ Anti clogging characteristics

♦ Self cleaning characteristics

♦ Stable operation

♦ High tensile strength

♦ Various openings and sizes can be customized

♦ Provide different hook types

♦ Larger filtering area

♦ Longer service life

♦ High efficiency and high cost-effectiveness
♦ Highly wear-resistant, tear resistant and corrosion resistance

♦ Shorter cleaning downtime

♦ Wide application range

Item NameMetal anti clogging screen mesh, also named anti clogging wire screen, self cleaning wire screen, self cleaning screen mesh
TypeWoven Wire Screen Mesh
Material65Mn steel wire screen, Stainless steel wire screen, (if you are search for polyurethane screen mesh material please contact us.)
ColourSilver, Black, Red, etc.


Anti-Clog Vibrating Screen Mesh


Anti-Clog Vibrating Screen Mesh

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