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Hesco(Defensive) Barrier

Defensive barriers also known as hesco,hesco bastion and flood wall, can be used to build temporary breakwaters for waterproofing or as military defense works. Defensive barriers are strong structures that are composed of welded gabions and non-woven polypropylene geotextile. According to different use environments, the defensive barriers can be made into standard and recoverable types for your choice. The defensive barrier come in a variety of sizes. Most of the defensive can also be stacked,it is made of a collapsible wire mesh container and heavy duty fabric liner, and used as a temporary to semi-permanent dike or barrier against blast or small-arms. Contact us to discuss customization details.

Defensive Barrier Parameter:

Material & surface treatment:
Galvanized steel wire or Galfan/zinc-5%aluminum wire
Wire diameter: 
4.0mm- 6.0mm
Non-woven geotextile
200g/m2, 300g/m2, 400g/m2

Defensive Barrier Sizes:

Standard sizesHeightWidthLengthCells
MIL154”(1.37m)42"(1.06m32'9”(10m)4+5 cells
MIL224"(0.61m24"(0.61m)4'(1.22m)2 cells
MIL339”(1.00m)39”(1.00m)32'9”(10m)5+5 cells
MIL439”(1.00m)60”(1.52m)32'9"(10m)5+5 cells
MIL524"(0.61m)24”(0.61m)10(3.05m)5 cells
MIL666”(1.68m)24"(0.61m)10'(3.05m)5 cells
MIL787"(2.21m)84"(2.13m)91'(27.74m)4+4+5 cells
MIL854”(1.37m)48”(1.22m)32'9”(9.14m)4+5 cells
MIL939(1.00m)30"(0.76m)30'(9.14m)6+6 cells
MIL1087"(2.21m60”(1.52m)100(30.5m)5+5+5+5 cells
MIL1148"(1.22m)12"(0.3m)4'(1.22m)4 cells
MIL1284”(2.13m)42”(1.06m)108'(33m)5+5+5+5+5+5 cells
MIL19108"(2.74m)42”(1.06m)10'5”(3.18m)3 cells

Defensive Barrier Advantage:

◎ Strength - Defensive Barrier provides considerable strength combined with built-in redundancy so if one cell is damaged the one behind will continue to provide protection and stability.

◎ Mobility - Defensive Barrier is easy to handle and transport and offers significant logistical advantages over sandbags and other barrier systems.

◎ Simplicity - Defensive Barrier can be customized in height, width and configuration to meet operational force protection requirements.

◎ Easy Disposal - Defensive Barrier is easy to assemble and can be erected without major support equipment.And easy to remove and dispose of.

◎ Customizable Designs: Tailor-made to suit your unique needs, the barrier can be customized to fit various dimensions, shapes, and specifications.

The Defensive Barrier from Shitai is a state-of-the-art protective system designed to provide unparalleled defense against various threats. Engineered to the highest standards, this barrier offers an exceptional level of security and resilience, making it an indispensable asset for both residential and commercial applications.

Defensive Barriers Application:

♦ Perimeter security and defense walls

♦ Equipment revetments

♦ Personnel and material bunkers

♦ Observation points

♦ Defensive firing positions

♦ Guard posts

♦ Protection engineering of seaside area

♦ Border crossing checkpoints

♦ Protecting existing structures

♦ Flood control retaining wall

♦ Explosive and contraband search areas

♦ High way traffic management

♦ Erosion control

As a leading defensive barrier manufacturer, supplier, and factory, we take pride in our ability to consistently deliver high-quality solutions that exceed expectations. Our team of experts leverages years of experience and domain expertise to craft barriers that epitomize durability, functionality, and style.

Defensive Barriers Manufacturer, Supplier,Wholesale | Shitai

As a leading defensive barrier manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler based in China, Shitai specializes in offering Wholesale Defensive Barriers, catering to a wide array of customers ranging from government agencies to private enterprises. 

Crafted with high-grade materials, our defensive barriers are built to withstand extreme conditions while maintaining structural integrity. Whether used for military operations, border security, or disaster relief efforts, our barriers offer reliable protection when and where it's needed most.

Choose Shitai for all your defensive barrier or hesco bastions needs and experience peace of mind knowing you're fortified by the best. Contact us today.

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