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Defensive Barrier for Sale

Defensive Barrier OEM & ODM


A defensive barrier, also known as a gabion barrier and defensive bastion, is a new product assembled and sewn from welded gabion mesh and geotextile, which has the ability to resist explosive shock waves and limit the destructive effects of explosions to a certain range. Compared with reinforced concrete explosion-proof walls, it has the advantages of lightweight, easy installation, disassembly and recycle.


Our defensive barriers are made from strengthened hot dipped galvanized or zinc-aluminium coated steel which delivers exceptional protection and stability against a range of attacks.

We choose the best thick, fire and UV-resistant geotextiles, which will ensure heavy duty use and long service life.

Product Show

The Defensive Barrier is a modern gabion primarily used for flood control and military fortifications. It is made of a collapsible wire mesh container and heavy-duty fabric liner and is used as a temporary to semi-permanent levee or blast wall against explosions or small arms. It has seen considerable use in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hesco barrier /hesco bastion can be filled with sand, earth, cement, and stone, then as a defense wall or bunker and widely used in the military to protect safety.

Defensive Barrier for Sale Defensive Barrier for Sale Defensive Barrier for Sale Defensive Barrier for Sale Defensive Barrier for Sale Defensive Barrier for Sale Defensive Barrier for Sale Defensive Barrier for Sale Defensive Barrier for Sale

Product Specifications

Product NameDefense Barrier
Product Typedefense bastion bunkers/cloth gabion barrier
MaterialGalvanized steel wire or Galfan/zinc-5% aluminum wire
Wire Diameter4.0-6.0mm
Geotextile colorBeige, Green, etc.
Mesh hole50*50mm, 76.2*76.2mm, 100*100mm
More InformationFor more product information, please contact us, and we have in stock and support customization.

Size Table
ST 14'6" (1.37m)3'6" (1.06m)32'9" (10m)5+4=9 cells
ST 22' (0.61m)2' (0.61m)4' (1.22m)2 cells
ST 33'3" (1.00m)3'3" (1.00m)32'9" (10m)5+5=10 cells
ST 43'3" (1.00m)5' (1.52m)32'9" (10m)5+5=10 cells
ST 52' (0.61m)2' (0.61m)10' (3.05m)5 cells
ST 65'6" (1.68m)2' (0.61m)10' (3.05m)5 cells
ST 77'3" (2.21m)7' (2.13m)91' (27.74m)5+4+4=13 cells
ST 84'6" (1.37m)4' (1.22m)32'9" (10m)5+4=9 cells
ST 93'3" (1.00m)2'6" (0.76m)30' (9.14m)6+6=12 cells
ST 107'3''(2.21m)5' (1.52m)100' (30.5m)5+5+5+5=20 cells
ST 114' (1.22m)12" (0.30m)4' (1.22m)2 cells
ST 127' (2.13m)3'6" (1.06m)108' (33m)5+5+5+5+5+5=30 cells
ST 199' (2.74m)3'6" (1.06m)10'5" (3.18m)6 cells

Defensive Barrier

The above are our standard sizes and specifications, in addition, we also support site design and customized size, just simply provide the length of your site on all four sides of the length of the straight line length and height, contact us to quickly customize and view the effect drawings!

Need a custom solution?

Can't find what you were looking for?

We can customize the product for you, determine the wire diameter, aperture, length and width, color, welcome to contact

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Connection Types of Defensive Barrier

The defensive barrier is usually connected with spiral wire, which allows the gabion mesh box to be folded up for easy loading and transportation, and it can be quickly shaped, filled with soil or stones and put into application when in use. The springs are all made of high strength steel wire, which can greatly improve the sturdiness of the defensive barrier.

Defensive Barrier

Defensive Barrier

During the manufacturing process, we fix the geotextile on top of the mesh using an air nail gun, and the mesh surface is linked together using Corner spirals to form a single unit. It is very convenient for customers to use it directly after receiving it.


Defensive Barrier

In the middle of the continuous cells only need to be fixed with jointing pin links can be used normally, greatly saving time and labor!

Quality Control
Our defensive barriers for sale have passed many certificates, high quality is the way we succeed - Zero Defect Products. Our company always adhered to technology innovation, scientific management, and integrity cooperation. We introduced four advanced automated production lines for our products. We have a strict QC system from raw material procurement, production management and product testing to control and ensure high quality, with quality, we win the trust of customers.
  • High Quality Raw Material for Durable Life
    High Quality Raw Material for Durable Life
  • Solid welds and smooth panel for safe and convenient use
    Solid welds and smooth panel for safe and convenient use
  • High strength, pene-tration resistance geotextile
    High strength, pene-tration resistance geotextile
  • High Quality Raw Material for Durable Life
    High Quality Raw Material for Durable Life
  • Spring Wire Test
    Spring Wire Test
  • Welded Wire Test
    Welded Wire Test
  • Mesh Aperture Test
    Mesh Aperture Test
  • Overall Length Test
    Overall Length Test


Package + Loading

Typically, the way we pack is: 20-40 cells in the bundle, then cover them with plastic film, finally place on the wooden pallets for fumigation-free export. On the one hand, it is moisture-proof, and on the other hand, it is convenient for loading and unloading cargos.

Of course we could have done without the wooden pallets, in which case we could have loaded more and help our customers save on transportation costs.


The defensive barrier is widely used in surrounding security and defensive walls, equipment revetments, explosives and contraband search areas, ammunition compounds, personnel and material bunkers, observation points, defensive shooting positions, highway checkpoints, and border checkpoints.

Defensive Barrier

Defensive Barrier is widely used in military warfare and can be quickly built to form defensive shelters that can effectively prevent bullets and explosive shrapnel shockwaves from harming soldiers. It has seen considerable use in Iraq Afghanistan and more countries.

Defensive Barrier

Defense Bastion

Perimeter Security Barrier and Defence Wall, Temporary Fort and Command Post, Observation Points and Border Checkpoints.

Defensive Barrier

Barrier Fortification System

Equipment Revetment, Explosive sand Contraband Search Areas, Guard Posts, Personnel and Material Bunkers.

Defensive Barrier can also be used for flood control, filled with soil or rocks to form a strong defensive wall, making it difficult for water to pass through and maintaining the safety of the river.

  • Defensive Barrier for Sale
    Defensive Barrier for Sale
  • Defensive Barrier for Sale
    Defensive Barrier for Sale
  • Defensive Barrier for Sale
    Defensive Barrier for Sale


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Defensive Barrier

Defensive Barrier

About us

Hebei Shitai Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional defensive barrier manufacturer and supplier in China. We are professionally engaged in the production and export of all kinds of gabion for defense. As a leading manufacturer of standard defense barriers and customizable defense barriers according to customer requirements, we are committed to providing quality defensive barriers with extremely high tear strength, higher durability and strict quality inspection on a global scale.

Our main products include defensive barriers, gabion mesh, welded gabion, screen mesh, metal fence, sound barrier, etc. All of them have been up to EU, GB, ISO9001 and ASTM standards. With the philosophy of "Quality first, Customer first, Service first", Shitai wire mesh has gained a good reputation in both domestic and overseas markets. Perfect after-sales service and guaranteed northfield evaluation have become our indispensable advantages. Whatever your business or budget, Shitai will find an ideal solution for your needs.

Defensive Barrier for Sale

  • How to install the products?
    When you first purchase a product but don't know how to use the installation, we will provide text or video installation instructions. Don't worry, we not only provide you with the required products, but also provide after-sales service. Anyway, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!
  • Can we get sample before the formal order?
    Yes, For regular products, we can provide free small size samples, and clients only need to pay for shipping. For non-standard products, sample opening fees need to be paid. The sample fee will be deducted from the official order.
  • How can factory assist me in starting a business?
    We can help you with inquiry, product details,provide samples, transportation,and other aspects. We have spent six months helping Australian client start his new fence business. If you are interested in a certain product but cannot purchase it due to budget or other reasons, do not give up asking for a quote again and do not forget our factory. Within two years, we received multiple inquiries from the same client about the same product, and the following year, he finally had enough money to order a 40 foot container quantity fence. You have a need, and we have always been there.
  • How to get the best product with a limited budget?
    You only need to tell us where the product you need is to be used and what is the total length. We will provide a quotation based on your requirements. If your budget is limited, we have many products for the same purpose, and there is always one product that meets your requirements in terms of price and quality. About transportation Shipping terms: shipping by sea. Payment terms: 30% of the total almost is to be paid by T/T as deposit and the balance is to be paid by T/T before the goods leave the factory. Loading Port: Tianjin Xingang Port, China. Samples we can supply samples for free if small quality. clients need to pay for the shipping charge.
  • What are the effects of what materials are used for surface treatment?
    Powder: we always use the famous international powder (AkzoNobel) sprayed, the powder coated fence will be very smooth, with great corrosion resistance, outdoor use year can reach 15-20 years. Galvanized: All hot-dipped galvanized, the fence will 15-20 years not rust.
  • Can You Supply customization service according to our requirements?
    Yes. Our customization service is including several items: special sizes and accessories, painted logos, customized colors and signboards. Just tell us your requirements, we will try our best to satisfy you.
  • What's the lifespan of your Security Fence?
    It depends. We have several different materials and surface treatment for our steel security fencing, they all have different lifespan. You can tell us your using environments and requirements, we will recommend the best products for your projects.
  • Can your product be used near sea or coastal area?
    Yes, we have heavy galvanized or galfan galvanized wire material to make sure the products no rust in these conditions. We can also add powder coating surface treatment to achieve the best anti-rusting results. We have pass lab salt spray test and many projects experience.
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